Time and Attendance System by eoxys smart solutions

In every Organization attendance is extremely vital as it serves to evaluate the execution and promptness of workers. Attendance of employees is kept up either by manual passage in the attendance register or by utilizing punch cards. Our Time and Attendance Solutions give exactness in keeping up the attendance of the employees.

eOxys Smart Solutions supports its customers by making their tedious tasks easy with its Time and Attendance System. Controlling labor costs, limiting compliance risk and improving proficiency of workforce are quite easy with our software.

Our Attendance application places the accurate information on your table and by providing you the up-to-date and thorough data of labor activity, you can know the productivity of your workforce. In the event you find anything inappropriate, you can take the right actions.

Shift Management:
Organizations that work for 24/7 get the complete shift management from Time and Attendance System with automatic updates on regular basis (Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly). Other options for shits management are Flexible Shift, Auto Shift and Break Shifts.

Leave Management:-
Keeping a record of Employees’ leave is easy with Time and Attendance System as it provides all the details of Sick Leaves, Paid Leaves, Casual Leaves, Early Leave, Over Times and so forth