Students have been looking to expand their opportunities and develop new skills. From learning math or business, to improving English or even computer skills, there is a huge need for improved education. There is opportunity to replace static text books and learning environments with more interactive content and dynamic material with the use of tablets.

By creating engaging content using Tablet Based Education, we can use tablets to spread education beyond traditional classrooms and make the lessons stick with students. Today’s students must develop 21st century skills if they are to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Classroom e-Learning solutions allows students and teacher to experience the benefits of increased technology access, while enabling policymakers, administrators, and teachers to develop the expertise, skills, and confidence needed for successful adoption of 1:1 e-learning.

To meet the Educational Demands, eOxys Smart Solutions initiated promoting Intel Educational Tablets.

Benefits of Tablets Based Education

  1. Enables effective 1:1 e-Learning
  2. Manage student activity to eliminate distractions
  3. Teachers can conduct exams and get results on the move
  4. Enable better visualization and understanding through multimedia, 3D Animation and Multi-touch Interactivity
  5. Reduction of heavy back-packs’ burden
  6. Manage Course and student information
  7. Offers easy to upgrade learning content via the internet