Smart Water Meter

Smart Water Meters

A water meter is a device used to measure the amount of water consumed in a building, reading has to be collected by deploying a person whereas our Smart Water Meter enables remote reading of water flow, sense water quality and reduces leakages. It enables customers to saves energy and water consumption.


Eoxys Smart Solutions has advanced water meters is designed for ease of use, and built to withstand the demands of residential & commercial complexes, high rise apartments and municipal corporations. The industry best system brings you advanced smart water meters features with savings of upto 40% energy and money.

Smart water meters can be read remotely and more frequently, providing instant access to water consumption information for both customers and water utilities. Our smart water meters improve management of its water distribution system and resources to reduce its operational costs and non-revenue water through quick identification of water leakages.

Smart Water Meters unique features

  • Industrial quality enclosure
  • Retrofit module for Analog meters
  • Inline Ultrasonic Smart meter
  • Consumer apps and command control system
  • Very low power consumption
  • Long range of coverage
  • High degree of Measurement/ Sensing accuracy
  • Available in different sizes

Software features of our smart water meters

  • Real-time web based metering
  • GIS and map platform
  • Message encoding and encryption protocol
  • Automated water management
  • Integrated Billing
  • Cloud-based Software and Analytics
  • Web Interface and Apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone
  • Secured web-based payment
  • Hour-wise meter readings
  • Day and Month Meter readings