Remote Control Switches

Remote Control Switches are an add-on to one’s life luxuries and convenience. One can have the pleasure of controlling Home appliances like lights and fans at one’s fingertips with the help of Remote Control Switches. They can be very helpful to the patients and old people.

Remote Control Switches

These remote control switches are very handy and easy to use. One can, with all the convenience and facilities, switch on and switch off any fan and any light in any corner of the house. The functionality doesn’t stop here, the fan speed can also be adjusted manually or automatically. All one has to do is keep a timer when to increase and decrease the speed.

Eoxys Smart Solutions’ Remote Control Switches

eSec, for bringing more comfort and security to its customers, has initiated supplying and supporting remote control switches. With simple technology that is effectively proven, Eoxys Smart Solutions, provides well-designed and efficient switches.

eSec remote controlled switches can be used in all homes particularly in bed rooms and halls. Our switches can also be installed in children and elderly people’s room where the switchboard is not accessible to them. We leverage years of experience in providing Security Solutions for our customers. We have earned our customers’ trust thorough our long-lasting support and services.

Remote Control Switches Features

  • Fan speed regulation from 0 to 7 steps
  • Remote signal receiving indication
  • Power indication
  • ‘All off’ facility

eSec is a Bangalore based electronic infrastructure company specializing in premium touch screen switches for lights and fans with remote control. Our switches are aesthetically designed and made to suit every usage need in both residential as well as commercial buildings.

We look forward to working with our customers from altogether a different dimension and add more value to their money. For more details, please write to us at or calls us on 080-41200425