Guard Tour Patrol System is one of the advanced Security Systems, eOxys has begun providing to its customers for keeping a track of their security guards’ activities, for any company that requires security and inspections for the safety of their facilitators and personnel. As eSec is recognized as the best solution provider for guard tour system.

Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System by eSec

Guard Tour Patrol System is a system for keeping a track of Security Guard’s rounding in particular duration, for example, security guards watching property, policemen patrolling the prisoners. It guarantees that the security guards / policemen makes his appointed rounds at any given point of time.

The Security guard uses the hand-held device walks his rounds and touches RFID tags at each selected location to ensure that he logged that location at the particular time.

Data are stored in the reader and then uploaded to a reporting software that generates reports for Security Managers.

Guard Tour System Support by eSec

eSec has strived to provide the most knowledgeable, effective and timely support. Our team is involved with initial survey, installation and complete training to meet our customers requirement.