Energy Saving PIR Sensors

energysavingPIRSensoreOxys Smart Solutions provides you smart energy saving PIR sensors to save energy by switching off the lights, when the location is not in use. Esec gives you intelligent sensors for better and greener world. Millions of light are left on through out the night in offices, parking, lobbies, malls, theaters and streets.

The PIR Sensor can detect the IR rays released by human body. The light  can be activated automatically by the active presence of a human body within the detection area & when there is no presence the light will be deactivated automatically.

Benefits of PIR Sensors

  • Ideal for Conference rooms, ATMS, Parking, Corridors, Toilet blocks, Changing rooms etc.
  • No separate wiring is required.
  • PIR Motion Sensors will reduce your electricity bills.
  • Less Greenhouse gas emissions & better environment for all of us.