CCTV in Restaurants and BarsBars and restaurants face a large range of security challenges on a daily basis. A constantly changing customer base and high employee turnover leave bars and restaurants at particular risk of theft. The benefits of a properly installed bar or restaurant video surveillance system can improve safety and security for customers, employees and business owners.

Eoxys has best security CCTV cameras for Restaurants and Bars. All our cameras are reliable and we support our customers for a long term.

Benefits of CCTV in Restaurants and Bars:

  • Protect customers and prevent theft
  • Help you monitor workplace, kitchen safety and keep your facilities up to municipal health code
  • Helps deter dine-and-dashers from patronizing your restaurant / bar
  • Excellent operational tool to monitor patron flow and wait service
  • Allows for remote monitoring of school from smartphone or tablet
  • Curtails possibility of theft & vandalism
  • Remote surveillance allows for smartphone & tablet viewing when away