CCTV Cameras in Hospitals by Eoxys Smart SolutionsAs hospitals become bigger and give day and night care, they get to be more powerless against a wide show of security dangers and vulnerabilities. CCTV in hospitals helps provide safe, secured and affordable healthcare.

Eoxys gladly offers the healthcare industry the best video security solutions with the peace of mind that comes with complete protection. With our CCTV Cameras, video imaging and video surveillance are more effective than any time in recent memory.

Keeping eye on all, patents, employees and visitors is quite easy. Eoxys has the assests and features that you are searching for.

Hospitals can can lower the costs of patient observation using our CCTV Cameras. With our devices, staff can constantly watch numerous patients while doing some othe important work. Our Video surveillance will alarm them, whenever required.

Our devices also come with Remote video monitoring which is extremely helpful. This feature allows employees to see the camera footage remotely from any PC they want through network access. Communication b/w multiple sites is also possible over the same network with the camera views that are available.