CCTV for Home and Apartments by EoxysCCTVs in Home is an incredible way of avoiding thefts. When it is understood that you have a CCTV in Home,  everybody, whether or not they like it, will look for other properties. There are very less chances of a house or a property with CCTV installed getting robbed off.

Eoxys provides complete security solutions for houses and apartments.

We have already installed our CCTV Cameras at many villas in Bangalore. We provide advanced technological CCTVs from which you can do both, keep an eye at your home while you are at home and keep an eye at your home while you are away from it. All our CCTV systems can be seen and controlled remotely over the web (by means of an iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone and tablet and so on).

Eoxys has various types of 4 and 8 cam CCTV systems that are perfect for residential installation. These have a large number of the features you would anticipate from one of our bigger business CCTV systems however at a value that is cost effective. All our local systems have full web capacity and can be extended to incorporate extra security gadgets, for example, perimeter beam sensors, pressure pads and infrared proximity detectors.