CCTV for Corporate Offices by Eoxys Smart SolutionsEoxys specializes in designing custom surveillance solutions for industries, manufacturing plants and factories, commercial businesses, ranging from small offices to commercial parks. Increased terrorism threats and theft of raw materials have made the manufacturing, storing and shipping of important goods riskier and more expensive in recent years.

Whether you own a small office, software company, or large-scale enterprise, we have a number of high-quality small business surveillance systems available that are intended to provide utmost protection of your precious commodities.

Benefits of CCTV in Corporate Offices:

  • Deter internal theft by employees & contractors
  • Reduce annual theft losses
  • View & Evaluate day-to-day operations
  • Reduce false liability claims
  • Protection of building and assets
  • Curtails possibility of theft & vandalism
  • Save time with remote site management