Access Control System Bangalore

Access Control System, a System that can control, monitor and restrict the entry and the exit of people or vehicles around the house or place. Access Control is beneficial in many ways such as avoiding the loss or damage to your wealthy properties, decreasing risk to yourself, your staff and your visitors. The applications of Access Control can not only be used for a single entrance door, but also to manage large working places such Banks, Finance Companies, Supermarkets, corporate offices etc.

Access Control System - Eoxys Smart Solution

Access Control System in Bangalore

Eoxys Smart Solutions has powerful and advanced Access Controllers for single door and multi-door applications with complete security solutions. Our Access Controllers with many configurable features help our customers to get a healthy protective environment. The doors can only be opened by the controller if the authorized person shows his / her fingerprint / card to the reader.

Access Finger: At any given point where the intruder is attempting to access the door on gun point, the Authorized Person will have to place the second finger, then the door will open and the system will alert the Siren / Hooter installed rooms.

Proximity Reader: In general, most of the access controllers use proximity cards as authorization to allow the users in the restricted areas. The philosophy behind this is the details of the holders’ identity are stored in a chip and access that information whenever required.

Proximity cards advantages over magnetic stripe cards and barcodes are:

  • Higher level of security
  • Not prone to wear
  • Readers are robust
  • Maintenance free

Access Control System Manufacturers

Eoxys Smart Solutions help access control system manufacturers sell their quality to products to different domains and industries.

Access Control in Education Sector: Educational Institutions have lots of benefits from Access Controllers. A safe and friendly environment, for children, faculty members and other employees is one of them.

Access Control in offices: Any possible office in any industry will have its visitors, temporary staff, field staff etc. Hence access controllers will help in ensuring that unauthorized people do not gain the access to valuables and sensitive information and also keep a track of who is in the office and who isn’t.