Gangs of women robbers on rise in Bengaluru

Gangs of women robbers on rise in Bengaluru- CCTV Cameras in Hospitals

The good news is women in the city are now venturing into territories that were conventionally considered male bastions. The bad news is — crime is one of them. Two separate robberies last Friday were carried out by gangs of women in disguise. In one case, they came dressed in burkhas and robbed a 52-year-old doctor at his clinic in KR Puram. In the other, three women ‘cops’ conned an elderly woman and fled with her jewellery worth Rs 7 lakh.


A gang of five women in burkha barged into a private clinic run by Dr K Jagadish in Udaynagar, KR Puram, last Friday, assaulted him and fled with Rs 5,000 cash.
According to the police, they came around closing time pretending to be patients, when the day’s business was almost done. But while the doctor was consulting with another patient inside his room, they barged in and assaulted him, attacking him with a metal name plate that slashed his forehead.
“My patient was petrified and moved to the corner of the room. They then took the cash box inside my table draw and tried to remove my gold chain, but couldn’t. And, so, they left with the cash box,” said Dr Jagadish.
The bleeding doctor called the police control room. The cops arrived and he was taken to a government hospital for medical aid.

With no CCTV cameras at the clinic, the police don’t have their identities yet. But there are looking at cameras installed nearby to make a start.

The police suspected the same gang to be involved in two other robberies at clinics nearby. They also observed that the pattern of these robberies indicated that the women were getting better, and more violent, with each successful strike.
“Earlier, a gang of women had barged into a clinic in the vicinity and robbed the doctor while he was attending to a patient. The women were all well-built and spoke in Kannada,” said Dr Jagadish.
“Doctors at small, private clinics are soft targets. These women strike during the closing hours for maximum cash,” said a policeman from the Mahadevapura station.

Vishalakshi, a 76-year-old resident of AGS layout, Arehalli, was conned of her gold ornaments worth Rs 7 lakh last Friday by a gang of three women dressed like policewomen.
Vishalakshi was out for her evening walk around 4.30 pm when the women ‘cops’ came to her and asked her to be careful with her jewellery because a lot of crime was being reported in the locality.
They asked her to remove her ornaments for her own safety and made her bundle them up into her sari before proceeding for the walk in the park.
The unsuspecting elderly woman realised that her valuables had been stolen only much later when she untied her sari and found pebbles and mud cakes inside. She was so overcome by shock that she collapsed and had to be accompanied home by helpful walkers.

“The women gave no time for my mother to respond. The robbed gold ornaments included three gold chains and eight gold bangles,” said KP Janardhan, the victim’s son.
Vishalakshi told south division policemen that the women were aged around 40 years and spoke to her in Kannada. And because they were in uniform, she didn’t suspect them.
In both cases, the police are investigating and looking for clues to the women’s identities.


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