CCTV Cameras in Home

CCTV Cameras in Home

CCTV Cameras in Home is quite important during vacation. Thanks to Uttarakhand Police for making it compulsory for all the houses to have CCTV Cameras for rental basis. Taking preventive measure against the crimes that take place is a wise decision.

Here is a news that we found at Times of India that explains a lot.

DEHRADUN: In a bid to curb rising cases of burglary in the city, Uttarakhand police will now ask people going on a vacation to inform their nearest police outpost so that the men-in-khaki can keep an eye on their house. The cops will also arrange for installation of CCTV camera at their residence.

The cost of installation of the CCTV camera would have to be borne by the family. The camera would be removed once the family is back from the trip.

For the project, cops have roped in private companies that would provide the CCTVs to the families for a nominal rent. A new CCTV camera can cost anywhere between Rs 2,000 to 2 lakh as per resolution, specifications and image quality. However, families would have to pay a minimal amount as rent which may range from Rs 200 to Rs 400 per day, police officials said.

IG Garhwal Sanjay Gunjyal told TOI, “Though CCTV cameras cannot prevent thefts, they definitely play a crucial role in cracking the case and arresting the accused. There have been a number of cases, where the culprits have been caught due to the video footage.”

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