• Fire Alarm Issues in a School at UK

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    Fire Alarm Systems BangaloreA SECONDARY school will close tomorrow due to “fire alarm issues”. Head teacher of Castle Community School in Deal Jane Hadlow apologised to parents in a letter. The closure will come on the same day as A-Level and GCSE exams.

    BTEC science, GCSE Spanish and PE and A-Level English were all set to be sat at the Salisbury Road site but will now be taken at the Mill Hill site.

    She said: “As you are already aware we have today had a major issue with our school alarm system. As a school we are not able to open and function without a working fire alarm. Today, unfortunately I had to take the decision to close the school in the interest of everyone’s safety and well – being. I explained this to all the students in three assemblies which we held prior to dismissing them in line with the information we emailed to you in advance.

    “We have had engineers on site since late morning. I am sorry to report that we continue to have ongoing electrical issues with the fire alarm system. To this end and in order to give you as much notice as possible, I have had to make the decision to extend the closure of the Salisbury Road site only.

    Fire Alarm Issues should never happen

    “Please be assured this decision has not been taken lightly, and we are only too aware of the impact on exam preparation, however, I hope you will appreciate that everybody’s safety is our utmost priority.”

    The closure comes a day after two-days of Ofsted inspectors visiting the school which is in special measures.